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Privacy Policy

​At the South East Orchid Society (SEOS), we care about your privacy and it is important that we adhere to certain standards and legal requirements. Read the information below and contact us if you have any questions.

Wix uses cookies on their websites for important reasons, such as:

  • To provide a great experience for our visitors.

  • To identify our registered members (users who registered to our site).

  • To monitor and analyse the performance, operation and effectiveness of Wix's platform.

  • To ensure our platform is secure and safe to use.

For more information see visit the Wix Help Centre.

For more information about cookies, visit All About Cookies.

The Chair of SEOS is responsible for data protection within the Society. If you make contact with us via the website, your details will only be known by those who have a legitimate need in order to answer your query. Periodically we will remove the contact details of anyone who does not become a member or does not renew their membership. For full information please ask to see our SEOS Handbook.

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